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Wood by Emmet Kane-Issue 93

Wood by Emmet Kane-Issue 93

Spirit of the Tree/Soul of the Artist


Triumph over adversity and a persistent effort to expand the horizons of his medium have characterised Emmet Kane’s rise to prominence in the field of studio woodturning. Profile by Kevin V. Wallace.

EMMET Kane has always done things his own way,even if it was not the accepted or easiest path.Born in County Kildare and not expected to live, he spent much of the first three years of his life in hospital, having being diagnosed with a very rare congenital condition.To add to the challenges he was diagnosed with viral meningitis a few weeks after starting school at the age of five and diagnosed as dyslexic at eight. New worlds opened to him resulting from missed schooling due to illness, as he would lay in bed and listen to the radio.In Ireland in the 1970s and 80s there was no daytime TV, but Irish talk radio covered many diverse topics from day-to-day life and current affairs to politics, informing his world view.Kane returned to school, knowing it was something he had to do, while preferring to visit construction sites with his father, who worked as a building contractor. He loved the experience of seeing the structures growing from the ground to a finished building and meeting crafts people of many trades. There was great pleasure found in going to the workshop to experiment with his father’s tools and taking things apart to see how they worked–putting them back together, still usually operational despite several left -over parts! From a young age Kane’s mother encouraged the seven children in the family to appreciate all forms of creativity through art books and attending galleries and exhibitions, both locally and around Ireland. They were always led to believe that anything was possible with some effort and from an early age he found much enjoyment in the arts and crafts, making súgan stools, rugs, macramé and a myriad creative techniques.

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