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Wood by Curt Theobold-Issue 94

Wood by Curt Theobold-Issue 94

Segments of Daily Life


Inspiration for Curt Theobald stems from diverse interests centring on the personal yet universal experience of daily life. His creative challenge is to portray through his work the emotions he experiences during its creation. Text by Kevin V.Wallace.

THE works of Curt Theobald are highly personal, reflecting his family and the place he calls home. He lives with his wife Wanda and their two daughters on the high prairie of southeast Wyoming, on a dry land wheat farm that his great-grandfather bought in 1922. Theobald’s father operates the farm and Theobald works in a building that is mostly constructed from old railway ties and 2 x 10’s that were once part of a potato cellar. ‘My grandfather dug the wood out of the ground and made a ground-level machinery storage shed from the materials,’ he says of the building that is now his studio. Theobald regularly assists with many of the farm-related tasks that occur throughout the summer months and the harvest and planting seasons. Southeast Wyoming is a land of huge vistas, wide-open spaces and plentiful wind. ‘We can see the mountain ranges 200 miles away. It is a rural setting with few people, but there is contentment in the solitude and sweep of the plains. It is easy to see the building thunder heads a hundred miles off in the distance. ’The piece Eye of the Storm reflects this sense of place and the transformation of colours and shapes as time passes and storms build. ‘It is eerie, knowing the destruction that they can cause, yet strangely beautiful at the same time. The eye of the storm is often serene, calm and even settling. It can trick you into thinking all is well before the turbulence and destruction begin.’

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