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Sculpture by Peter Randall-Page

Sculpture by Peter Randall-Page


Peter Randall-Page is an internationally recognised British artist who creates large-scale stone sculptures and drawings that are inspired by natural phenomena and its impact upon our emotions or imagination. Profile by Helen Cobby.

IT was a chilly morning in November when I travelled to the studio and residence of Peter Randall-Page, RA, one of the most notable British sculptors working today. His assistant, Jennifer, greeted me at Exeter St
David’s station, waving a catalogue of his work as a creative and flamboyant flag of recognition. This was the start of an adventure that I had long anticipated. It was further heightened by the winding road trip through
end less, undulating hills on the edge of Dartmoor to the artist’s home. Later, when I asked Randall-Page what particularly captivated him about this countryside, he replied it was the daily pleasure of seeing nature that
was important to him, rather than anything about the specific southwest landscape itself. However, he also explained how he liked ‘the intimacy of the local terrain, the fact that it’s quite up and down and there are hidden
valleys. There’s a sculptural thing about the topography’. This reading of the landscape as an artistic form in itself reveals a curious reciprocity between his carved stone sculptures and the site of their creation. Indeed, his work
responds to the countryside and to recurring patterns within nature, making us more aware of its physical make-up and the organic structures at its core, whilst also remoulding our perception of nature.

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