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Issue 90 Editorial

Issue 90 Editorial

Celebrating three decades in print …

THIS issue marks the 30th anniversary of Craft Arts International. It was launched in 1984 and has been published on a regular schedule ever since. During this time it has documented the work of hundreds of artists and designers/makers from many countries around the world specialising in various materials and techniques across the spectrum of art media. For those artists in mid-career, Craft Arts International has always been there–in some respects like an institution. But it has always remained independent of arts bureaucracies and hasn’t been dependent on funding or sponsorship from any organisation. The question occasionally arises concerning the magazine’s raison d’être. Fundamentally, it is the promotion of a broad sense of awareness of design, contemporary visual aesthetics,creativity and appreciation of the handmade object. Integral to this are the stories of artists’ careers –their aspirations and the influences which affected their direction and ultimately brought them to their present stage of recognition and professional accomplishment. During the present epoch,when automation combined with digital technology is reducing the need for human input in many activities of a practical nature, we believe the content of this magazine is an important counter balance. It has the capacity to intrigue, challenge and inspire people to seek meaning and fulfilment through the application of technical skill that is sensitively applied with vision in confluence with both heart and mind.

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