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Glass by Andy Plummer-Issue 94

Glass by Andy Plummer-Issue 94

Andy Plummer


Andy Plummer’s debut exhibition in glass draws upon decades of experiences and the inspiration of the late James Hampton.

Profile by Ivana Jirasek. Photography by Christian Mushenko.

ANDY Plummer has had many challenging experiences during his 65 years: among them as “army brat” in Cold War Germany, a mining engineer in coalmines, emigration from the US to Australia with a young family, investment banking, philanthropy, co-founding the Ranamok Glass Prize, architecture, motor racing, scuba-diving and sustainable greening. He is currently in the midst of a new experience as a glass artist, with a forthcoming exhibition, titled “Fear Not” at Sydney’s Sabbia Gallery. A seasoned risk-taker, he enjoys the challenge and brings the same commitment and fortitude to this project as he did in his role at the high-end of corporate life. Plummer’s trajectory into glass art makes perfect sense. His training as an engineer brings an understanding of the raw materials and technicalities of glass making. Combined with his inherent creativity and decades of exposure to glass art he has built a solid foundation for crafting and constructing the material. With his new venture, he fulfils a lifelong wish to be an artist and distils a lifetime of concepts, observations and influences into a body of work. His conceptual focus for this debut show –and perhaps his life credo –is about transcending fear and overcoming barriers, whether real or imagined. The 12 substantial works are abstractions of road signs and board games; an exploration of how we confront and negotiate self-imposed obstacles. He believes people put themselves in comfortable, self-limiting situations – boxes that they have difficulty breaking out of. The exhibition is an invitation to decipher and reflect on the options we have in life. Over the years, he has become a master strategist and understands the impact of making a move – or not. ‘Plummer has a history of being at the right end of the deal’ was an observation made by the Australian Financial Review.

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