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Tapestries by Jennie Moncur-Issue 93

Tapestries by Jennie Moncur-Issue 93


According to English designer/weaver Jennie Moncur, tapestry is both mathematical and painterly, but its efficacy is reliant upon drawing, a love of colour intensity and the framing of imagery.
Profile by Corinne Julius.

TAPESTRY makers may occasionally branch out in to textiles, but probably no tapestry maker other than Jennie Moncur has designed patterns for floors, walls, cupolas and railway bridges as well as acting as design and creative consultant to commercial clients. It all began as a child with the view from her bedroom window out over the family farm’s kitchen garden. ‘I could still draw it. I can see me looking down over the kitchen garden. Aspects of that have really had a strong influence. It’s chopped you’re not seeing it as a whole and those interruptions are important. I’m always framing things.’ Moncur’s work is very intense. In its colouring: pulsating pinks and purples sit next to jubilant oranges and sumptuous reds, and in its fragmented patterns –seen as if framed at odd angles next to sheets of colour –convey a distorted sense of perspective. Her tapestries hum with concentrated colour, often clashing ones that, just as with the disjointed patterns, somehow work well together.

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