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Printmaking by Glenda Orr-Issue 94

Printmaking by Glenda Orr-Issue 94

Profiles in Print – GLENDA ORR

Glenda Orr is an artist who consciously works in the tradition of socially engaged printmaking, where within a beguilingly beautiful artwork lies a powerful message. Text by Prof. Sasha Grishin.

FROM its origins in the 15th century, printmaking has always led a somewhat schizophrenic existence. On one hand, it is the art of the inexpensive democratic multiple, where prints are employed to disseminate information in a visual form to a broad audience, often with a polemical, political or religious content. On the other hand, prints are exquisite original artworks, which are produced in multiples. The same artist, such as the German Renaissance giant, Albrecht Dürer, made single prints or series of prints which were intended as pious religious souvenirs or as political handbills, as well as esoteric master prints, which were destined for a small circle of cognoscenti. In the 21st century, printmaking has retained an awareness of its divided heritage. As an art form it attracts artists with a social and political con- science, that is, artists who engage with society and the problems and the challenges which this society faces.  Glenda Orr is a Brisbane-based artist printmaker whose work over the past decade has been attracting national attention. She is a politically conscious environmentalist, who employs her printmaking as a tool through which to interrogate popular social attitudes towards all forms of coercion. This includes violence forced upon our natural environment, violence to women, refugees and to ethnic minorities as well as violence inflicted on other countries by Australia.

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