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Craft Arts International is a well-established independent journal devoted to the documentation of contemporary craftwork and "new art forms" that fall within the broad categories of the visual and applied arts. However, it is not limited by these classifications and vigorously traverses traditional boundaries in the pursuit and exploration of innovative concepts and standards of excellence that challenge conventional aesthetic experience and/or enrich the quality of life.
 Hence, artistic works in ceramics, glass wood, fibre/textile, metal/jewellery and mixed media are strongly represented in the magazine's editorial content, along with painting, printmaking and sculpture. The magazine is also a lively forum for ideas, for study and for the sheer enjoyment of beautiful handwork and contemporary design. In addition to publishing articles and photographs which reflect the work, lifestyles and philosophies of today's artists and craftspeople, Craft Arts International plays a vital role in the promotion and marketing of contemporary designer-made products.

Each  issue of Craft Arts International contains 128 pages and over 350 colour plates depicting innovative ideas and new work by leading international artists and designer/craftspeople across a wide spectrum of styles, techniques and media. Printed on the finest art paper, it provides authoritative, comprehensive and in-depth written and graphical reference on creative form and function that is essential for 

Providing the most comprehensive in-depth coverage in full colour across the spectrum of the visual and applied arts

anyone involved or interested in the contemporary applied and decorative arts, such as designers, artists, craftspeople, architects, teachers, students, specialist retailers and collectors. Since 1984, Craft Arts International has become a major source of information on trends and developments in the contemporary arts worldwide. Its editorial style and presentation, and high standard of colour reproduction make it one of the most collectable and valued publications of its kind.


Craft Arts International is actively involved in the promotion and development of the contemporary and visual arts community in Australia, being the major sponsor for the highly acclaimed Tasmanian Craft Fair.

The most stimulating and lavishly illustrated magazine in its field

Regardless of your level of involvement and particular area of interest in art, craft and design, you will find that Craft Arts International has something of interest for you. Become a subscriber now by completing the subscription form and enjoy the convenience of having the next three issues delivered direct to your home, office or studio.